European deliveries :  Total amount 16,20 euros  (signed for delivery)


New regulations for the payment of VAT between different countries have been put in place by the European Community:

The recipient (you) in certain cases may be required to pay VAT, administrative costs (and for Switzerland import taxes).

These charges are not for us, they go to your country's taxes through the postal service.

If you refuse to pay these taxes and the package is returned to us, we will refund the order minus the actual shipping costs. (which may be higher than the flat rate of 16.20 euros)




We also send to these following countries:

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy,  Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden,Switzeland.

The amount of postage fees to be added to the total order is 16,20 euros, regardless of the the number of items (Whether you take 1,2,5 or 10 items or more...the amount of EUR 16,20 in total).


For non Euros countries currency conversion will be done by Paypal.


United Kingdom :

due to the Brexit we no longer ship to UK from 1st January 2021. Too many paperworks to export to UK now. We import the major part of our products from UK, we are a small company and we are not able to do this work 2 times (import  then export again). Sorry about that ! 


For your help: 2 currencies converters:

Yahoo Finance


questions ? need some help ? send us an email (in english or in french)



North America deliveries: USA, Canada

From May 1st 2014, we no longer do shipping to Canada and USA. Sorry about that!


(No delivery outside of Europe.)
Do not try to "force" the order, in which case all orders with non-European post
al code are automatically canceled and refunded. 


Please note: Paypal no longer refunds the payment commission. In this case, you will receive the amount of your order less Paypal fees).

Currency conversion will be done by Paypal


For your help: 2 currencies converters:

Yahoo Finance


Questions ? need some help ? send us an email (in english or in french)



Livraisons pour le Canada

Depuis le 1er Mai 2014 nous ne faisons plus de livraison vers le Canada.  Désolé!


(Pas de livraison en dehors de l'Europe.) N'essayez pas de "forcer" la commande. Dans ce cas, toutes les commandes avec un code postal non européen sont automatiquement annulées et remboursées. Remarque: Paypal ne rembourse plus la commission de paiement. Dans ce cas, vous recevrez le montant de la commande moins les de frais Paypal.



La conversion monétaire sera faite par Paypal


Pour vous aider , voici deux convertisseurs de monnaies:

Yahoo Finance


Des questions? besoin d'aide ?: envoyez nous un e-mail :


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