Gomina Dax "washable hair wax" average / strong

Gomina Dax "Washable hair wax" average / strong

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Gomina Dax held strong "Washable hair wax" metallic grey pot and blue writing.

-Uniform described by Dax as as strong as the Red Dax (Dax red), but in fact it would resemble more the Green & Gold (green Dax) Dax while being easier to use so you will find in the 2 categories average and strong.

-Rather for short hairstyles. Works well on fine hair.

-Texture less wax than others.

-Can be used on a daily basis, to classical implementations.

-Nice in the sweet tagada kind but discreet fragrance Nevertheless, Dax speaks sweet honey but not convinced!


-Another important point, can with water. It is part of these new products easier to use and remove. However, some users say that they have had difficulties to withdraw so that it is not really washable but they are not agree among themselves!


C ' is a very good Giang for beginners because it shapes easily and really allows a good posture.

-Without dyes or preservatives, contains just an emulsifier. At base of vaseline and beeswax.


Gomina-mark Classic soulU.S., manufactured in the USA. The "Imperial Dax Company Inc." is an American company producing products for hair. Founded in the 1950s, Dax is a company with very loyal users all over the world. As 50 years ago, products continue to be veveloppes and made by Dax directly.


-Capacity of the pot: 100g.

-Tips for using are specified on the jars with French translation.




Be careful not to put.

It is advisable to well to heat the nuts of product between his fingers.

To firmly attach the hair, you will need your slick, a comb, a hair brush and towel: take a slick finger and rub between the fingers or hands. Put a little slick in the hair. Pass the comb in the hair and then put a little slick and repaint. Once the smoothing finished, moisten a towel. Wring out excess water and pass the towel a few seconds in the microwave or in the oven (make sure that the towel is not too hot). Apply warm, moist towel a few seconds on the hair in exerting enough sustained pressure. Remove the e towelt paint again. You can then paint brush hair for the finishing touches to further enhance the shine.

Can dry iron for a better grip

All gominas are made to hold long, do not be surprised if they are hard to remove, best is to not pick, let there go alone or so to several shampoos in a row with a good shampoo type Head & Shoulders.

Ask for advice before you purchase buddies or watch the many tutorials on youtube.



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